Expand the speed dial options of your T46G/T46S and T48G/T48S devices with this expansion module. Featuring a clear LCD screen and 2×20 buttons, it enhances functionality. Note: Compatible only with the G and S series of T46/T48. Yealink EXP43 is suitable for T46U/T48U.



The Yealink EXP40 is an Expansion Module with an LCD screen designed to expand the programmable keys of your Yealink T46x/T48x (excluding T46U/T48U). The Yealink IP phone already has 3 x 9 display-based speed dial keys, and this Expansion Module with an LCD display allows you to add 20 buttons, each serving two functions. You can daisy-chain up to 6 expansion modules to one IP phone, providing a maximum of 240 additional buttons.

– 160×320 graphic LCD (grayscale) with backlight
– 20 programmable buttons, each with two functions
– Dual-color LED (red/green) for line status indication on each button
– Up to 6 modules can be daisy-chained per phone (= max. 240 extra buttons)
– Supports Busy Lamp Field (BLF) and Bridge Line Appearance (BLA)
– Programmable for speed dial, call pickup, intercom, hold, transfer, voicemail, forward, DND, etc.
– Compatible with the G and S series of Yealink T46/T48
– Powered through the phone (expansions from the third onward require external power)
– Comes with a stand with 2 heights, can also be wall-mounted
– Easily programmable by logging into your phone; features 2 lists with 20 positions each
– Buttons on the LCD screen can be personalized for various functions
– No need for paper labels; create speed dial buttons quickly for colleagues, clients, suppliers, etc.
– Versatile usage, not just for speed dial; can be used for call pickup, voicemail, door-intercom calls, and more
– LCD screen icons represent different functions for easy identification and usage.


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